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Graphene, and nano
surface engineering


Industry Experts

We are experts in graphene and surface engineering.  With years of experience developing graphene performance enhanced products.

What We Do

Perpetuus operates across its sites in South Wales, UK. Deploying the groups patented technology we supply a multitude of industries with surface modified functionalised graphene stacks, carbon nanotubes and other nano materials. 


Perpetuus develop and supply surface modified, functionalised graphene stacks and carbon nanotubes for the commercial market.  


We formulate and supply conductive and functional inks and coatings which include screen printable pastes for flexible circuitry and biosensors. In addition to supplying ink and coatings Perpetuus offer contract screen printing services.


The Perpetuus team of experts are on hand to provide their services in material characterisation, product development and project management. 


We are experts in our field with an experienced team of scientists, engineers and business leaders with a proven track record.  Contact Us to find out more about material supply and our consultancy services.


How We Do It

Perpetuus’ technology controls the production variables for graphene output which provides consistent high quality commercial graphene stacks. 


By using our green technology we are able to supply bulk volume materials economically. 


We work closely with collaborators to develop products and demonstrate the performance advantages of graphene. 


The performance benefits of graphene in the host material is dependent on the grade, surface morphology and functionalisation of the graphene. 


The graphene product is chosen by our team of  experts to meet the pre-defined performance criteria defined with the commercial partner.

Our Smart Approach

Product Development

Product Development

Perpetuus has successfully modelled the way forward in surface modified graphene. Having laid the foundations for consistent

quality outputs Perpetuus is already supplying key industries.

Carbon Fibre

Graphene enhanced carbon fibre


Ask us about our nano enhanced Masterbatch


Graphene Energy & Blade protection


Advanced lightweight composites for aerospace


Stronger Lighter Components


Biosensor devices from our range of graphene inks


Graphene tyres - longer lasting and improved performance


Find out about our hydrophobic coatings and their uses

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