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Since inception PAM has made significant progress in establishing a commercial graphene production, supply and commercial application business. Having established probably the world’s leading patented method of producing Surface Modified Graphenes (“SMG’s”) currently targeted at the elastomer-enhancing material market. Initially focused on the tyre production rubber sector. We believe our core expertise and proven track record in this sector sets us apart from any of our competitors.


PAM graphene enhanced cycle tires are currently sold into the global market in large volumes. Passenger vehicle tires are now undergoing terrain trials in Europe, Asia and the UK. The first commercial sales into the general market are expected this year.


The Group’s proprietary production process and products are commercially proven. An example is Vittoria Tires (who are globally recognised as a marquee brand and produce arguably the best cycle tire available in the tire cycle field). In February 2019 PAM signed a three-year rolling off-take agreement with Vittoria. Since Feb 2108 Vittoria have placed and paid for six orders of PAM SMG’s, which were formulated specifically for their use. Sales of Vittoria graphene enabled road tires are growing and has added an SMG range for velodrome tires and will now launch a range of off-road cycle tires expected sales being 1.3 million additional tires per annum


PAM are currently engaged in the tire development to commercial launch cycle with a further ten tire producing factories. In total the factories in total produce more than 100,000,000 tires per annum and therefore have a need for 1,000’s of tonnes of Perpetuus SMGs per annum. Pam have reasonable expectations that a further three to four tire producing factories will place orders and engage in long-term off-take agreements within the next three years therefore securing revenues of circa. $50 million revenues per annum.


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